A love of noise

The Solid State stands for the quality of metal and the work-hardening effects of metalsmith techniques.  It’s the durability and timelessness of handcrafted jewelry with a modern design. It’s the meditative state achieved when crafting at the bench, reveling in the repetitive sounds made by tools hitting metal. 

Designer and maker Anne Forziat Halligan began metalsmithing as a creative outlet while working in communications at a New York City non-profit. After courses at Manhattan's Fashion Institute of Technology, the itch to cut, shape and polish metal grew stronger. The idea for The Solid State emerged in 2014, but as an after-hours endeavor.  Since relocating to the greater Boston area and welcoming a third child in 2017, Anne began growing the line into a locally-recognized brand that also has a budding international following.

From sketchbook to final polish, Anne is motivated by transforming raw metal from a plain piece of solid matter into something beautiful.